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This dedicated Bilstein Suspension website is owned and operated by Corby Motorsport Ltd, one of the most respected suspension suppliers in the market. Offering the highest discounts and with access to the largest stocks and fastest delivery services, we are recognised as one of the foremost Bilstein Suspension experts supplying fast road and race car drivers around the world.

B6 & B8 Dampers

B6 dampers can be used with OE springs for an improved sporty ride whilst B8 dampers can be used with lowered springs for a lower stance and greater grip and traction.

B12 Suspension Kits

B12 Proline and Sportline kits consist of Bilstein B8 dampers and matched Eibach springs for a truly fit and forget upgrade giving a lower stance and greater grip and traction.

B14 & B16 Coilover Kits

B14 Coilovers are height adjustable fixed damping kits, whilst B16 adds adjustable damping enabling the user to alter characteristics such as reducing understeer.

About Bilstein Suspension

Bilstein suspension is used as original equipment by some of the worlds leading car manufactures, the company carving an unrivalled reputation for the highest quality and performance. The likes of Audi, BMW, Bugatti, Ferrari, Jaguar, Lotus, Mercedes-Benz, Porsche, Jaguar and many others choosing to partner with Bilstein to develop suspension systems for their road and race cars is testament to how Bilstein is highly regarded in the automotive industry. Bilstein’s knowledge and experience gained from equipment manufacturing and motor sports translates into one of the highest performing range of suspension systems available as the technology is transferred into the company range of after-market suspension solutions.

Bilstein Suspension Range

B6 Dampers – uprated dampers for use with original springs
B8 Dampers – shortened body uprated dampers for use with lowered springs
B12 Suspension Kits – complete Bilstein damper and Eibach spring kits, offered in two forms for fast road use
B14 Coilover Kits – height adjustable suspension for fast road use
B16 Adjustable Coilover Kits – damping and height adjustable suspension for fast road and track-day use

Bilstein Inverted Monotube Suspension

Bilstein dampers employ and inverted monotube design. The inverted (upside down) damper moves the gas and oil cells away from the rake which are a source of extreme heat allowing the damper to run cooler. This reduces the tendency for the damper to overheat which can lead to the oil inside frothing which impairs its performance. Bilstein inverted suspension ensures consistent damping performance under extreme conditions.

The monotube design is inherently light weight and strong giving rise to added safety when fitted to your car, but the monotube design also increases the oil reserves within the damper which also helps to maintain a cooler running damper for higher performance. Using Bilstein gas pressure technology, the damper oil is pressurised by an inert gas which further reduces the chance of the oil foaming as its temperature and loads rise. Bilstein inverted monotube suspension ensures the highest level of traction and stability under extreme conditions, such as a B-road blast or a track-day, for the highest grip and most precise handling.

Bilstein Suspension – Nürburgring Tested

Cutting edge design and production can produce high performing suspension systems but Bilstein go a stage further road testing all designs. Bilstein sport suspension and coilover packages are tested at the Nürburgring and in at their own test centre at the Papenburg test track, test drivers feeding back how the balanced the car feels in a variety of different driving situations and consulting on handling characteristics. Only when tested and fined tuned during this program, will Bilstein put its name to any suspension system so road, track-day and race car drivers can enjoy the legendary driving experience of Bilstein suspension.

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